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records and books · 27. February 2018
Not much happened so far on March 10th in music and books, or I don’t dig deep enough. You might be interested to know that Dudley Buck was born on 10th March 1839? A composer who wrote many books, “he is best known today for his organ composition, Concert Variations on the Star-Spangled Banner, Op. 23, which was later arranged into an orchestral version. . .” I’ve probably lost all the readers now. . . . Let’s go back further me and I to 1818, when Emily Brontë was born in Thornton...
records and books · 09. February 2018
This Saturday will be the seventh Leeds Record & Book Fair. It’s fully booked with 25 stallholders – 50 tables of vinyl and 10 tables of books and ephemera. Also some CDs and 78s. As well as 0000s of collectable records & books to suit all tastes there will be some live music from students at Leeds College of Music. The stallholders include: Tapestry of Delights – mixed bag of genres, new & 2nd hand Bill Aitken – new and second...
records and books · 04. January 2018
Leeds Record & Book Fair on Saturday, 13th January 2018. Some history and some stallholders.